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Volunteer shift change form

For volunteers if you are unable to make your regular shift, and, if possible, advise of a suitable date and time for a make-up shift.

Frequently asked questions

LATEST NEWS: We will do our utmost to ensure your safety while you are on our premises by maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment. We will continue to update our COVIDSafe plan in line with changes in conditions and government advice. 

FareShare’s COVID-safe protocols are in place and reflect changing government restrictions and recommendations. Volunteers will be advised of and agree to comply with our COVID-safe protocols.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID (including fever, chills or sweats, coughs, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose or loss of sense of smell or taste) you must get tested.

Please inform FareShare Melbourne or Brisbane if you test positive to COVID as soon as you get your result.

No. If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend your shift even if you do not have COVID-19. Please refer to the latest public advice from the Victorian Department of Health and Social Services or the Queensland Health Department and your GP if you think you may have contracted the virus or have been in contact with someone who has.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must advise us immediately. Please refer to the latest public advice from the Victorian Department of Health and Social Services or the Queensland Health Department and your GP.

In Victoria, you must not return to FareShare until you are fully recovered, displaying no symptoms and feeling well.

In Queensland, you must not return to FareShare until after 7 days from when you tested positive, and if you’re feeling well and displaying no symptoms. 

Please tell your supervisor. We cannot reiterate how important it is at this time to stay away from FareShare if you are unwell. Seek medical advice and get tested if you have symptoms of COVID-19. 

No. Please let FareShare know immediately if you have had ‘close contact’ with a confirmed case, consult your GP and get tested. There are also dedicated hotlines on (Vic) 1800 675 398 or (Qld) 13 43 25 84 for advice. 

You can read our policy on PPE requirements for our kitchens here

There may also be a requirement to wear masks depending on current Government restrictions and FareShare’s COVIDsafe protocols.

If you are unable to attend your shift, for any reason, we would appreciate you notifying us. We shall ask you, if appropriate, to do a make-up shift. Please select your shift change form below:

Melbourne Shift Change Form
Brisbane Shift Change Form

In normal circumstances, if you are going to be absent for 8 weeks or more we ask you take a break from your roster and then get in touch on your return. Your absence might be due to an illness or injury, study or work commitments, or an extended holiday.

We need full crews attending each shift to ensure we  meet our production targets of meals for those in need. We will fill your spot with one of the many people on our waiting list.

When you are ready to return, please contact the Melbourne or Brisbane office to let us know that you wish to resume your regular shift. We will fit you into a shift as soon as we have a vacancy that suits you.

Yes, subject to availability. Please contact the Melbourne or Brisbane office to arrange this. 

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