FareShare meals are distributed to hundreds of  frontline charities supporting people experiencing hardship.  

Stories from individuals and charities fighting hunger

How FareShare meals help de-escalate conflict in times of crisis

How FareShare meals help de-escalate conflict in times of crisis FareShare meals offer more than a feed to the clients at Vincentcare Glenroy – they can also serve as a calming influence for highly-agitated people.   VincentCare Victoria is committed to supporting people experiencing homelessness by offering essential housing and support

FareShare’s veg-packed meals boost elderly people living with health issues

FareShare’s veg-packed meals boost people living with health issues The convenience and nutritional value of FareShare meals are a blessing to the residents of the Victoria Avenue public housing facility in Port Melbourne, where everyone is over 55 and suffers from a serious health issue. FareShare meals are delivered by

FareShare meals provide hope and reassurance to school families

FareShare meals provide hope and reassurance to school families Since 2020, FareShare has provided St Ann’s School in Redbank Plains with hundreds of nutritious meals to share during times of illness, crisis or financial strain.  The school has a strong multicultural community and School Chaplain, Charles Mushosi, ensures the meals

Free FareShare meals and human contact boosts wellbeing at the Wellington

Free FareShare meals and human contact boost wellbeing at The Wellington The Wellington is a community drop-in centre in Collingwood, VIC. It opened in mid-2020 and runs food services featuring FareShare meals on Mondays and Thursdays, predominantly for residents in the nearby housing estates. FareShare meals are also offered on-the-spot

Where FareShare meals go

Our meals are distributed to large and small charities and community groups who help people in need of nutritious food. 

These charities include soup vans, homeless shelters, women’s refuges, support groups for single parents, disaster relief centres, RSLs and neighbourhood houses. They also include large organisations such as The Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul, and regional hubs such as those in Bendigo and Shepparton. 

FareShare meals are provided to people affected by natural disaster such as bushfires and floods, and to vulnerable groups such as asylum seekers. 

Some charities serve our meals directly, such as Vinnies’ Soup Vans which shares our hot pastries.  Others pack them in food parcels for vulnerable people to take away or operate community pantries where clients can pick them up. Some charities offer microwaves where people can heat up a meal.

Once cooked in our kitchen, our meals are frozen and delivered  within a couple of days. We only provide meals via our charity partners and are unable to hand out meals to families and individuals directly. 

Many of our meals in Victoria are distributed by SecondBite, while Foodbank is our main distribution partner in Queensland. Meals cooked in our Abbotsford kitchen are also being distributed to New South Wales thanks to collaboration with SecondBite.

We provide all our meals free of charge.

What charities that receive our meals say

Food poverty in Australia

According to the Foodbank Hunger Report 2022, more than 2 million households in Australia have run out of food in the last year, sometimes skipping meals or going whole days without eating. 1.3 million children lived in food insecure households during that time. 

Some of the most common reasons people skip meals or are unable to buy food include having limited income to meet the increasing cost of living, bill shock, housing affordability, and the expense of staple food items.

Australia’s economic statistics look impressive next to many other countries, but they fail to convey that too many in our society are struggling. 

Adults are skipping meals, children are going to school without breakfast or lunch, and many families cannot afford healthy food.

Being able to access nutritious food makes a huge difference to people who would otherwise go without. They are no longer distracted by hunger, can focus on their education or work, benefit from improved physical and mental health, and are more socially engaged.

The fact is, people going hungry come from all walks of life.

FareShare supports hundreds of charities feeding families and individuals in dire need. They include:

• Single parent or low-income families
• People experiencing homelessness or living in transient and crisis accommodation
• Mothers and children fleeing domestic violence
• Refugees and asylum seekers
• A family where a parent has lost work
• First Nations communities
• People in poor health or battling addiction
• Isolated elderly people
• Communities experiencing natural disasters. 
• Students and young people living independently and struggling to make ends meet.

Are you looking for a meal?

If you are looking for food assistance, you can find a community food program near you by visiting the Ask Izzy website via the link below.

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