Nourish people with dignity and hope in your will

Making a bequest to FareShare is one of the most meaningful ways you can help people less fortunate. When you give to FareShare, you are sharing free, nutritious meals with vulnerable Australians. Every dollar makes a difference and restores  dignity and wellbeing  to people when they need it most. Become a Friend of a FareFuture and your legacy will be compassion, leadership, and hope.

FareShare has been rescuing quality food and cooking it into healthy meals since 2001. Our volunteer-powered kitchens keep quality food out of landfill and transform it into delicious, nutritious meals. These cooked meals are given away free to frontline charities such as soup vans, homeless shelters, women’s refuges and to First Nations communities and people recovering from natural disasters. 

Our nutritious meals can be life-changing, boosting physical and mental health when most needed. We all know that one of the best ways to support a friend or family member in crisis is to cook them a homestyle meal. By leaving funds to FareShare, you will be standing by people in their hour of need and showing them that they are cared for.

Leaving a legacy

“As a long-serving volunteer and board member, I know intimately what an effective organisation FareShare is. I am proud to make a gift to FareShare in my will knowing every dollar will make a meaningful difference to people doing it tough. I would encourage anyone looking for a legacy of high social impact to consider making a bequest to FareShare as I have done.”

David Harris, FareShare President

Feeding dignity and wellbeing in your will

Juliana's story

Mother of three Juliana was so grateful for FareShare meals when escaping domestic violence and experiencing PTSD that she later signed up to volunteer. 

“I often received FareShare meals. And every time I was really grateful because the meal is already prepared and delicious and my kids love it. And it took the stress out for me to cook a meal.”

“FareShare is a very important part of our survival. When I was homeless and receiving a meal from FareShare, I promised to myself if I get this thing sorted out then I’m going to pay FareShare back. I don’t have money, so I give my time.”

“Support FareShare if you can. Put FareShare in your will. It’s an awesome thing to do. FareShare is there to help families like us.”

Angelo's story

Angelo spent most of his working life in food and restaurants. Now a pensioner, he sold the food business he loved at Victoria Market to look after his sick wife. When she passed away, he was inconsolable and started collecting FareShare meals from his local church.

“I only come when I just need a little hand. Me living on my own, this is just perfect for me. I know the meals are freshly cooked, I know I’ve got good ingredients – all I need is a microwave.

“We’ve all fallen on hard times at some point in our lives – it changes your life. Putting FareShare in your will might just give someone more of a chance for a better outcome. You don’t have to give all your money, 5% or 10%, it doesn’t matter – its not the amount that counts, it’s the thought.”

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