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Bookings are open for our 2022 Schools in the Kitchen program.

For more information, please email our School Program Coordinator, at schools@fareshare.net.au.

What you need to know

Schools in the Kitchen operates during term time on Mondays to Thursdays, commencing at 9am and finishing at approximately 12:30pm (3.5 hours).

We require a group of 15 students max plus two teaches / staff to accompany the students and volunteer with them in the kitchen.

A school can book a maximum of four sessions per year.

Schools in the Kitchen shifts cost $480 per session (includes morning tea, apron hire and hairnet).

The FareShare Schools in the Kitchen program provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about the reality of hunger in our community and begin their own response to the issue through action.

Students will also learn about food waste and food rescue. They may even pick up some cooking skills — all of this while making a tangible difference in the community.

During their time in the FareShare kitchen, students undertake a range of practical tasks such as rolling pastry, lining quiche trays, cracking eggs, baking sausage rolls and packing meals.

Schools in the Kitchen induction video – narrated by Hamish and Andy


FareShare Schools in the Kitchen program offers four main areas of focus in relation to further learning:

Year 9 - Working towards a fairer Australia

At sometime during the past year five million Australians have experienced food insecurity. This unit looks at who is most at risk and the reasons why and also the benefits to both the individual and society from everyone being well nourished. This focus area explores who is going without in our society and what we can do to assist.

Year 9 - Rescuing food: benefits to community and the environment

This unit follows food from the paddock to our plates and explores the reasons why food is lost at each stage of this journey, the negative impacts this loss has on the environment and how redirecting some of this food to feed those in need can help address some of the major challenges we face as a society. We also explore what we can do on both a personal and a community level to help reduce food waste.

Reducing food waste to fight hunger

Today we have ready access to a wider range of foods than at any time in our history. But the ease with which we can access food through supermarkets and other food retailers hides the complexity of our modern food production processes.

As Victorians, we throw away 25% of the food we purchase. That is around $2,200 a year! By rescuing food before it goes to landfill FareShare not only feeds Victorians who would otherwise go hungry, we are also saving energy and preventing wasted food from contributing to climate change. 

This focus area looks into how and why so much food is wasted and the positive effects of food rescue.

Food insecurity in Australia

If a person is food insecure it means they lack access to enough nutritious food to meet the requirement of three meals a day, every day. This focus area explores who might be facing food insecurity and the reasons why.

We aim to provide a unique learning experience for your students and believe our approach will encourage students to think beyond their actions in the kitchen and into their own lives and community.


What teachers and students have to say

FareShare receives consistently positive feedback for our hands on Schools in the Kitchen experience from teachers and students alike.

As a result, this unique program books out early each year.

Such a variety of tasks! Kept the students very busy and engaged. Very warm welcome and nice environment. I really hope we can make this a regular thing.
Northside Christian College
I enjoyed being part of all the different stages of quiche making. I would love to come back.
Northside Christian College
I enjoyed cracking eggs and talking to staff about the impact the food has.
Northside Christian College
People waste so much food on a daily basis. I learned how much we can reuse that food.
Northside Christian College

Sign up for Schools in the Kitchen

Our Schools in the Kitchen program has kicked off for 2021. For more information, please email our School Program Coordinator, at schools@fareshare.net.au.