Time out of the office in the FareShare Brisbane kitchen makes a real social impact and is a fantastic investment in culture, relationships and team-building.

Bond with your team and cook for good

FareShare offers a unique and meaningful corporate volunteering experience for businesses and other organisations wanting to spend time together making a difference.

Over the course of a half-day shift in Australia’s largest charity kitchen, groups can expect to prepare, cook, and pack over 1,000 free, nutritious meals for struggling Queenslanders. These may include people sleeping rough in the city, families escaping domestic violence and communities rebuilding in the wake of devastating bushfires, floods or drought. 

This unique, team-building experience creates a powerful opportunity to enhance culture, while making a very tangible difference. 

Groups are guided by experienced chefs and may even pick up cooking skills as they dice meat, chop vegetables and pack meals. 

Feedback has been glowing. Many corporate volunteers have gone on to join the FareShare community as regular volunteers. Importantly, everyone leaves our kitchen feeling more connected with each other and knowing they have improved the lives of others. 

Food safety is paramount to FareShare. We adhere to local and national food safety guidelines and are fully compliant with occupational health and safety regulations.

Our kitchens are air conditioned for both food safety and volunteer comfort.

Frequently asked questions

The FareShare kitchen provides the perfect setting for employees to interact with colleagues across departments and levels, while making a tangible difference. It’s a great way to introduce new employees into your team or build stronger relationships with clients. No special skills are required and everyone participates on an equal basis.

Under the guidance of our experienced chefs, your team will work together and undertake a variety of kitchen tasks to prepare, cook and pack meals. 

Participants will also learn about the impact of hunger in our community, and will leave the FareShare kitchen with the satisfaction of having made a meaningful contribution to communities.

Morning shifts: Monday – Friday 8:30am-12pm

Afternoon shifts: Monday – Thursday 12:30pm-4pm

Evening shifts: Tuesday – Thursday 6pm-9pm (available upon request)

As a charity, FareShare does ask for a financial contribution to help cover the cost of your volunteering experience. 

The cost for a group of 8-16 volunteers is $1,100 (plus GST). 

For smaller or larger organisations, please email brisbane@fareshare.net.au

FareShare does on occasion accept in kind payment for corporate shifts, usually in the form of food, other goods or services, or the provision of skilled volunteers and general expertise. If you feel your organisation has something to offer in this respect, please let us know.

If you have to cancel your shift within 3 weeks of your booking date, we may apply a 50% cancellation fee.

We require all kitchen volunteers to wear a cloth apron and cap or chef’s hat to cover their hair. If your organisation has corporate aprons and caps then please feel free to bring these. Volunteers are also welcome to bring their own aprons and caps/scarves/hats from home. Otherwise we will supply all participants with a FareShare apron and chef’s cap.

We will do our utmost to ensure your safety while you are on our premises by maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment. All participants must be 100% healthy to volunteer at FareShare.

More than 200 organisations have already volunteered at FareShare Brisbane, including:

Feedback has been glowing

Other ways to support FareShare

In addition to volunteering in our kitchen, there are other ways you can support us through running a food drive or fundraising for us.

If you would like to learn more about running a food drive or fundraising at your workplace, please get in touch by emailing brisbane@fareshare.net.au. Our needs constantly change, so please contact us before you get started. 

For more info about corporate volunteering in our Brisbane kitchen, please email brisbane@fareshare.net.au or ring 07 3899 3248. Or simply:

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