FareShare has been built on the generosity of philanthropic and business support as well as individual donors.


FareShare has grown from cooking a few hundred pies a week to 50,000 nutritious, ready-to-eat meals through generous philanthropic support.

Grants from philanthropic foundations and trusts provided the seed funding to establish FareShare, invested in our first and then second kitchens and contribute towards our operating costs.

Today, generous supporters continue to underpin FareShare’s operations by providing us with a range of one-off grants to grow and strengthen our impact.

Because FareShare doesn’t receive any ongoing Government funding, this loyal support is our lifeblood.


FareShare benefits from the direct support of many businesses through the donation of funds, goods and services.

Many generous companies also volunteer in our kitchen on a regular or one off basis.

While volunteering in the kitchen and garden is a popular team building and corporate social activity, there are many other ways that businesses can contribute to FareShare.

By donating food and other goods, professional services, and funds, FareShare can focus on what we do best - cooking meals. For many businesses they don’t just support FareShare, they are a part of FareShare.


FareShare is grateful to receive government funding for specific programs and capital projects.

Food and kitchen

FareShare would not be able to do what we do without the incredible support of these food donors and other organisations that provide valuable assistance to our kitchens and logistics teams.

Kitchen gardens

From donating land so we can grow our vegetables to providing us with the seedlings themselves, FareShare kitchen gardens would like to acknowledge these generous supporters.

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