Why volunteer at FareShare?

FareShare completed another huge year in 2022 – our 21st. Together we cooked more than two million meals, grew 100 tonnes of vegetables, responded to natural disasters and shared our nutritious meals with the most remote communities we’ve ever reached. 

Undoubtedly, one of our biggest highlights last year (and one that made all of these achievements possible) was being able to return to our full volunteering model post Covid lockdowns. 

“After such a crazy few years, it was wonderful to welcome so many new and returning volunteers to our kitchen, packing, garden, driving and warehouse shifts during the year,” says Kirsty Sheppard, FareShare’s Volunteer Coordinator. 

“Now, with more than 800 regular volunteers in Melbourne and over 350 in Brisbane, it is truly humbling that there are so many wonderful people happy to give their time to FareShare.”

But what is it that makes people want to keep coming back to volunteer at FareShare week in, week out? We asked a few of them exactly that, as well as sharing their FareShare highlights from 2022. Here’s what they had to say…


Melbourne kitchen and kitchen garden volunteer, and FareShare’s most active volunteer in 2022

“The continued way that FareShare is so organised and productive in the gardens and kitchen where I volunteer is really amazing.

“In 2022, seeing Les Baguley [an incredible supporter of FareShare who donated his farmland to us so we can grow veggies] receiving excellent recognition for his wonderful support of FareShare in The Age and on A Current Affair was a highlight.”

Ana Maria

Brisbane kitchen volunteer

“One of my FareShare highlights last year was seeing us delivering food all the way to Mornington Island. 

“FareShare is always trying to reach further and further to people who are doing it tough, no matter where they are.”


Melbourne kitchen volunteer for over 11 years

“One of the things I often tell people about what we do is that there’s something for everyone. It’s just got such a mix, I love it. If you were starting an organisation, FareShare is what you would want it to grow into. People are dedicated. It’s well run. They make it actually pleasurable. The kitchen staff are all good to work with. It’s always clean. The quality of the food has shot up, FareShare has really upped its game. The introduction of the single meals, the presentation is massive.

“One of my highlights this year was the Christmas party, simply because, given Covid, we hadn’t really had a chance to come together … To see that many people from that many shifts and to talk to people, some who have only been here for two months, others for 20 years, it’s amazing. The other highlight is just being able to come in and watch the ongoing inductions of volunteers. You’ll be on your shift and you’ll see new people … and just kind of knowing that there’s someone else coming through who’s willing to help is cool. Those are the biggies for me.”


Brisbane kitchen volunteer

“My FareShare highlight this year has simply been the amazing quality and quantity of food we prepared [well over one million meals in the Brisbane kitchen alone].”


Melbourne kitchen volunteer for over eight years

“By far my favourite part of FareShare in 2022 was getting back into the kitchen and catching up with familiar faces, as well as meeting some new ones.

“It’s always a bonus when a volunteer brings in something homemade for afternoon tea. As I write this, Crickette has just brought in a box full of chocolates!  Looking forward to what FareShare has in store next year.”

We’re always on the lookout for volunteers for our Brisbane and Melbourne kitchens, as well as in our kitchen garden, warehouse, driving, and front office support. 

So, if you would like to join our FareShare volunteer community and help us cook free, nutritious meals for people doing it tough, please click the buttons below to find out more:

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