Nothing is more critical to keeping up with demand for FareShare meals than our ovens. Working 16 hours a day, six days a week, each oven can cook 1,800 meals a day. We desperately need to raise $100,000 to replace two.

Our ageing ovens are now so worn out they are operating at just 70 per cent capacity. That means they roast 72 less chickens or bake 144 less quiches with EVERY single batch. Imagine how many people could be missing out on a nutritious meal.   

We’ve stretched our ovens beyond their usual life cooking meals for vulnerable people. The increased demand from COVID has finally beaten them.

Crickette DerJeu, FareShare kitchen manager, Melbourne

As the Government’s JobSeeker and JobKeeper supports are cut back, FareShare will need to lift again to meet a new upsurge in hunger.

Update: Thanks to everyone who donated to our Christmas Appeal we have ordered three new ovens. We are so grateful to everyone who made this possible. It means we can start the year cooking at full capacity ready to meet whatever challenges 2021 throws at us.

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