Why nutrition matters to Mohammed

Imagine the angst of being unwell and unable to afford the recommended food you need.

Mohammed is one of many people to experience this dilemma after suffering a mini stroke.  

“I just woke up and couldn’t stand. I lost control of my left hand and leg,” says Mohammed who lives with two teenaged children on the Park Towers estate in South Melbourne. “I didn’t have any money after being discharged from hospital. I couldn’t cover my daily expenses.”

It was a huge relief to be able to access a free, nutritious FareShare meal from a community food pantry and heed health advice. 

“The chicken and vegetables was lovely. It was just made for me!

Vegetables are unthinkable


“I enjoyed that meal very much and I would like FareShare meals to be available for all low-income people for their health. Otherwise bread, milk and eggs are the only options.

“Unfortunately, when I try to pick healthy things, they are very expensive and it’s getting worse.  Vegetables are unthinkable. You have to be very rich if you want to eat avocado, spinach or kale.

“It’s very contradictory. People are more aware than ever before of the need for having a healthy diet but it’s too expensive.

“Without FareShare meals I would have been in a very difficult situation. This is the type of meal I’ve been advised to eat. If these meals were not there, I wouldn’t get the nutrients I need.”

Mohammed with his son Nejib outside their home.

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