FareShare’s veg-packed meals boost people living with health issues

The convenience and nutritional value of FareShare meals are a blessing to the residents of the Victoria Avenue public housing facility in Port Melbourne, where everyone is over 55 and suffers from a serious health issue.

FareShare meals are delivered by the Fr. Bob Maguire Foundation – and available to anyone who needs them from a freezer in the communal room. Star Health also take meals to a few residents who may not want to or who are unable to leave their unit.

Former construction worker Les is one of the regulars of the Friday morning teas run by Star Health. He has been living in the 80-flat block for over five years and has become a de facto volunteer. He has enjoyed a few FareShare meals and is also very knowledgeable about the goings-on, and how our meals are received by his neighbours.

One of his observations is that many residents sacrifice vegetables as their health deteriorates.

“There are a lot of sick people here. And one of the first things we see go from people’s diets is vegetables. The fact that your meals contain so many vegetables is really helpful for them to maintain a healthy diet.”

He also values the convenience of FareShare meals. “Given
that everyone here has an underlying health issue, a lot of people have regular hospital appointments. They get back from that and the last thing they want to think about is what they’re going to eat that evening. Your meals are great for offering them convenience. It’s one less thing to worry about.”

Victoria Avenue public housing residents Lara and Les discuss the benefits of FareShare meals with Paul Brophy from Fr. Bob Maguire Foundation.

This convenience aspect is something that Christine from Star Health reiterates. “Your ready-made meals are good for our clientele. Being able to just heat a meal in the microwave and you’re done, not having to worry about chopping and cooking, is so amazing.

“Plus, some people here don’t like going outside. Others don’t have a lot of money,” adds Christine. “Your meals are great for so many reasons.”

Former plumber and footy fanatic George is another regular. He likes FareShare meals, and often takes a few over to another food relief service on Inkerman Street on Wednesdays.

“Some of the food relief places I’ve been to, there have nearly been punch-ons,” says George “People snatching and grabbing things, it’s a madhouse. No one should be that hungry, to crawl over people to get a meal.”

He has noticed a definite increase in demand at the services he frequents. “A lot of the time, I see your frozen meals and other food fly out the doors. Especially lately.”

Another resident, Lara, is also a big fan of our meals. “I really appreciate them. Thank you very much for everything. It’s really nice food.” 

97-year-old Victoria Avenue resident Dimmie helps set up the Friday morning tea service.
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