Meet our new CEO… 

Daniel Moorfield

When Marcus Godinho first met Daniel Moorfield, something seemed familiar.

They have much in common. Both studied Commerce at Melbourne Uni – one year apart – both are the father of two sons, and both have European heritage.

But mostly, both have a passion for finding the most expedient way to feed as many people in need the best quality meals, for free, and made from ingredients which would otherwise go to waste.

“And I think it is true to say that we both wear our hearts on our sleeves,” said Marcus.

SecondBite and FareShare have worked alongside each other for many years. FareShare has been powered by passion, ingenuity and a thousand volunteers who front up every week to chop, dice and package. SecondBite has operations in every Australian state and 100 paid staff.

From July 1, Daniel will assume the role of CEO of the merged FareShare and SecondBite, a groundbreaking move which has been in the offing for 15 months.

What will happen when Australia’s largest charity kitchen teams up with Australia’s largest free food rescue organisation?

“A big piece of what we wanted to do was to keep the amazing energy that shines through at FareShare. You feel it when you walk in the door,” Daniel observed.

An integral part of his task will involve successfully preserving this passion – while planning for expansion. Daniel, whose background includes leadership roles in SPC Ardmona and the world’s leading spice company McCormick, is ready for the task.

“Formally combining the incredible community-led culture at FareShare and the national scale and heartfelt reach of SecondBite will provide a transformative, all-encompassing solution for providing more nutritious meals for those who need it most,” Daniel explained.

And with this change comes challenge.

FareShare will say good-bye to Marcus. His ability to dig deep to grow FareShare’s operation and impact for more than 17 years now, is palpable.

He led the organisation from its infancy, when FareShare had no kitchen and consisted of a chef and driver. Marcus’ enthusiasm and passion galvanized the support of many partners, who have remained with FareShare through its evolution.

“Marcus and I have done everything possible to ensure FareShare passes into this new phase in the strongest position possible,” Daniel said.

“The organization I inherit from Marcus is a testament to the calibre of his work and that of the team of staff and volunteers he has cultivated.”

Now that FareShare and SecondBite are on this new journey, the future looks bright for everyone who shares an appetite to continue this exciting work – together.

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