How nutritious FareShare meals deliver hope to Norma

FareShare meals make an incredible difference to single mum Norma who has devoted her life to supporting her disabled son, Kim.

Norma says access to nutritious food is vital for Kim whose health conditions include early onset dementia. 

She has recently retired from her cleaning job to take on the full-time role of caring for Kim. Sadly, his behavioural issues have become more challenging as his health declines and, for a traumatic 19 hours, he could not be located after leaving the family home in Melton. 

Norma has noticed that Kim’s behaviour and mood are greatly affected by what he eats. She has found a positive difference when he receives the vegetables and protein he needs from FareShare meals. While she has a stove, Norma is rarely able to cook due to the cost, making FareShare’s ready-to-eat meals an ideal solution.

Kim (left) and Norma (right) collect nutritious FareShare meals from Earth Village Community Cafe in Melton.
“What you provide is complete. I normally receive one or two meals for myself and Kim. What I love is the variety of vegetables and meats. You can see the love that goes into them.”

– Norma, who collects FareShare meals from Earth Village, Melton. 

Norma tries to keep busy by gardening and making plans. One day she hopes to emulate the hundreds of FareShare volunteers who give up their time each day to help us cook our free, nutritious meals by volunteering herself. 

“What your volunteers are doing makes me want to do the same. Their generosity, it inspires, it’s infectious. It gives me the urge to follow in their footsteps!”

For now, Norma is just grateful for her community and the charities like FareShare that allow her to worry a bit less about putting food on the table and to focus all her energies on her son’s wellbeing. 

“Everything is a blessing, look around. It is all a blessing. Thank you all. Keep up the love!” 

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