How FareShare meals help de-escalate conflict in times of crisis

FareShare meals offer more than a feed to the clients at Vincentcare Glenroy – they can also serve as a calming influence for highly-agitated people.  

VincentCare Victoria is committed to supporting people experiencing homelessness by offering essential housing and support services. Every day, dozens of individuals come through their doors, be it seeking rental assistance, help with temporary accommodation, or perhaps a respite from sleeping rough. 

The VincentCare staff, like Amy and Myung (pictured with
FareShare chef Emma), find that FareShare’s hot, tasty meals offer big benefits to clients, many of whom struggle with hunger and may not have had a healthy meal in ages. However, the impact extends beyond satisfying hunger.

Because many of the people seeking assistance at VincentCare are experiencing desperate circumstances, it is easy for conflicts to arise. The police or ambulance service are never too far away. 

But the staff at VincentCare Glenroy have noticed that FareShare meals reduce the frequency and severity of these incidents. 

Simon V, Manager – Coordination and Engagement at VincentCare Glenroy, regularly observes the difference a decent meal makes to the people they support: it helps calm nerves, satisfies hunger, clears thoughts and reduces physical reactions. It changes the whole support dynamic. 

Before teaming up with FareShare, VincentCare relied on staff donations to purchase noodles and toast from the local supermarket for their clients. 

By partnering with FareShare, they can now give their clients nutritious meals to eat in or take away. 

Amy (left) and Myung (right) from VincentCare Glenroy pose outside their facilities with FareShare chef Emma.
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