FareShare meals bring a ‘taste of home’ to people in crisis

Many people in our community face a bleak winter this year as the cost of living pushes the very essentials of life beyond their reach.

A lack of affordable housing, steep rises in utilities, fuel and food are driving people to breaking point, forcing many to seek food assistance for the first time as they struggle to keep a roof over their heads.

“In my 20 years with FareShare, I’ve never seen local charities so desperate for our nutritious meals,” say FareShare CEO Marcus Godinho. 

“People might have a stereotype of what people who need food relief are like, but that stereotype would be challenged now. Agencies are seeing a lot of people they haven’t seen before.”

“I know there’s a lot of young people in the area, that are having to make the decision between paying rent and eating good meals. It’s hard to be a young person living in the city at the moment.”

Thankfully, FareShare can make a tangible difference to people in hardship this winter with nutritious, homestyle meals that show people in crisis they are not forgotten.

While life in the city is hard, people in regional and rural areas face even greater challenges. In parts of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, communities flooded last year face winter in caravans, tents, cars and sheds while they await insurance claims and trades to rebuild.

For these families, the added burden of rising costs is making life intolerable. A nutritious, homestyle FareShare meal can be transformative. 

“Heat and eat is where it’s at in caravans. FareShare meals are nutritious. That’s a big thing. They are making a heck of a lot of difference.”

“The meals are awesome. It’s the practicality of being able to heat up fresh product and not to have to prepare meals. If you’re living in a caravan, you can easily cater for a family.”

“Your meals are so important. The feedback I’ve had is that it’s like a taste of home when you’re living in a motel room. What you people do in the kitchen is truly a blessing for us.”

FareShare believes everyone deserves access to nutritious meals no matter their circumstances. We are all being impacted by rising costs, but with your support we can provide one assurance to the people who are struggling the most – a delicious meal cooked in our kitchens.

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