FareShare meals help provide dignity and nutrition at Geelong Food Relief Centre

Thanks to the indispensable Geelong Food Relief Centre, FareShare meals are available to the 70-100 people who visit for food assistance every day.

Geelong Food Relief also distributes our free, ready-to-eat meals to dozens of its local partner charities, extending the reach of our meals in providing nourishment and comfort to so many more people who need them. 

In operation for around 30 years, Geelong Food Relief runs its own service through their mini marts; they operate one at their distribution centre in North Geelong and a smaller one in Geelong CBD.

The crucial aspect here is dignity. The whole mini mart is clean and inviting, with plenty of choice. It looks and feels just like a regular supermarket. It even has attractive aisle signs to help you find what you’re looking for.

Turns out FareShare and Geelong Food Relief share more than a desire to provide dignity and wellbeing to people facing hardship. Another commonality is our emphasis on nutrition. You won’t find sugary drinks or chocolate bars at their mini marts. 

FareShare meals are available at both mini marts and are a popular choice for many of the people who frequent them, such as families and young singles, who enjoy the convenience and protein-rich flavours.

“In partnership with organisations like FareShare, Geelong Food Relief is able to provide nutritious meals to the community, carrying out our mission to create food security through a strong network of like minded organisations,” Lisa from Geelong Food Relief Centre says. 

“FareShare play a significant role in the huge amount of food we distribute each month to those in the G21 region.”

FareShare meals are a popular choice for the people who visit Geelong Food Relief Centre's mini marts.

Like many of the charities we’ve spoken to lately, Geelong Food Relief has seen a noticeable increase in demand. This includes people who have never had to ask for assistance before.

One of these people is Monica (*not her real name). She has found the rising cost of living and the dramatic increase in interest rates very difficult of-late.

Her family of four has never needed to ask for help before and the thought of doing so was overwhelming, but the idea of not having food in the cupboards was worse. 

By reaching out to Geelong Food Relief Centre for assistance, Monica has been able to access FareShare meals, food, and other services like financial counselling.

Monica and her partner are very relieved they can provide nutritious FareShare meals and other food like fresh fruit and vegetables for their two children.

“Between my husband and I, we work three jobs,” says Monica. “Not being able to afford food is confronting, but being able to put good food on the table for our kids is a relief. And we’ve been able to get on top of our bills too.”

As our visit concludes, we notice a young couple pushing a trolley around the mini mart. Their young child is seated inside, visibly excited by the food on offer. As they get to the freezer section, they make sure to take a handful of FareShare meals to help them get through the week.

FareShare is proud to assist the friendly team at Geelong Food Relief Centre with cooked, nutritious meals that can provide a comforting, hot meal to Monica and her family, the young family we saw, and so many other community members in the Geelong area who are struggling right now.

Felicia and Lisa from Geelong Food Relief Centre hold up FareShare meals.
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