FareShare meals have come a long way over the past 20 years and we’re proud to introduce our appealing, new Meals with Heart.

Packed with nutrition and looking every bit as good as they taste, the attractive tray meals complete with colourful sleeves provide instant relief, any time anywhere.

Cooked to maximise the impact on a struggling person and to resemble a quality, shop-bought product, each meal is individually plated as it would be in a restaurant. All that’s required is a microwave to reheat making the meals ideal for people who may lack the skills, physical capacity or even an oven to cook with.

They can be enjoyed in settings without proper kitchens such as rooming houses, caravans, crisis centres and refuges.

“As a chef, you have to feed the eye before the stomach,” says Melbourne chef Cherie Pettigrew. “I just love all the colours in the dishes. With these meals you know straight away they are going to taste really nice.”

By cooking in smaller batches and using trays rather than cryovac bags, the new Meals with Heart allow our chefs to use and showcase fantastic ingredients – even fillet steak, salmon and duck on occasion.

Feedback from the frontline charities who hand them out has been overwhelmingly positive. The familiar style, convenience and quality show people experiencing hardship that they are valued and cared for.

The recyclable packaging was made possible by a wonderful collaboration of supporters. A huge shout out to Sealed Air (the trays), Peacock Bros (labels) and Brian M Davis Charitable Foundation, Charles and Cornelia Goode Foundation and Gandel Foundation for the packaging machines. The sleeve designs were created by See&Co, using fabulous photography by Adrian Lander and styling by Fiona Hammond. We thank them all for ensuring that no one doing it tough need feel they are receiving anything but the best when they reach out for help.

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