Step up to the plate with the

FareShare FootSteps Challenge

2-16 October 2022

As soaring prices and natural disasters push more and more Australians into hardship, you can help them simply by walking! 

Get fit, have fun, and make a difference  by stepping up to the plate on the FareShare FootSteps Challenge each spring.

All the money you raise will support FareShare cook  free, nutritious, ready-to-eat meals to boost the health and wellbeing of people unable to afford food or cook for themselves right now.

Frequently asked questions

FootSteps began at the height of the COVID pandemic to raise vital funds for FareShare and highlight the incredible distances our chefs were covering each shift to meet the heightened demand for cooked meals. As food and cost of living prices soar,  the need for free, nutritious meals is  greater than ever and we’d love your support on this year’s Challenge.  

The FareShare FootSteps Challenge is simple. You can walk solo, with friends or in teams, in your own time and at your own pace.

The aim is to clock up 25, 50, 100 or 150km over two weeks. You can even run, ride or swim if you prefer and you can choose your own distance. It doesn’t matter, just as long as you move for meals.

The money you raise will support FareShare to cook more free, nutritious meals for people in crisis at a time of great community need.

Getting involved in the FareShare FootSteps Challenge is simple! Just follow these steps:

– Sign up to the FootSteps Challenge fundraiser.

– Decide whether you’ll primarily walk, or choose to run, ride or swim (it’s okay to do a combination). 

– Choose your personal distance target over the 15 day duration.  

– Share your participation and fundraise with your friends and family.

– If you plan to set yourself an ambitious target, start training!

– During the FootSteps dates, keep track of your distances and log them via our online portal, which will be released closer to the start time.

– Compare yourself or your team vs. other fundraisers, and keep moving so your supporters can see you putting in the hard yards.

Stay tuned to this page for more details. 

A team is a great way to fundraise with friends, family or colleagues. Create a team when you sign up or join one afterwards from your fundraising dashboard. 

Yes! You don’t need to walk or run. You can choose your own activity, whether that is cycling, swimming or something else. You can choose your own distance goal too.

Just enter your chosen distance when you sign up.

During the challenge, when you are ready to add your activity to your profile, you can choose your activity type.

Get in touch with us at and we’ll happily answer any other questions. 

Together we walked around the world one and a half times and raised enough funds to cook over 200,000 meals. Huge thanks to everyone who took part in our 2021 FareShare FootSteps Challenge. 

Why people love taking part in FootSteps

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