Corporate Christmas Gift Cards

Gift differently this festive season

Year round, FareShare chefs and volunteers work tirelessly to cook complete, homestyle meals. Our nutritious, cooked meals show people experiencing hardship that they are valued and cared for. 

Are you tired of giving the same old corporate gifts? This Christmas, we’re inviting you to gift a little differently. Purchasing FareShare gift cards enable our chefs and volunteers to cook free, ready meals for people struggling to put food on the table this festive season

Your tax-deductible donation gives a gift of 20, 40 or 100 free, delicious meals. This will make a tangible impact in our community and provides a meaningful present for your clients and colleagues. 

Corporate Christmas gift cards - how it works


Choose your impact

Our gift cards are available in three denominations: 20 meals ($50), 40 meals ($100) or 100 meals ($250).

You can choose a single value gift or a variety of values to gift to clients, colleagues or business partners. Each gift card represents a donation to support FareShare's work cooking meals for those in need.


Order online

We offer printed gift cards and electronic gift cards. Consider which option you prefer.

Please note that orders for printed gift cards close early December.

Electronic gift cards will be sent within a week of your order being placed.


Spread the Christmas cheer

Your gift pack will be delivered with suggested messaging to accompany the gift cards when you’re sending it to your recipients. All you need to do is personalise each voucher for your gift recipients and send away, via email, post or in person. Instructions will be provided!


Make Christmas more meaningful

Know that your decision to gift differently this year has helped provide delicious meals for those doing it tough this festive season. Thank you.

Corporate Christmas gift cards - FAQs

We offer three gift card impact options:

  • 20 meals – $50
  • 40 meals – $100
  • 100 meals – $250
We offer printed or electronic gift card options. Note that delivery time differs. Please see below FAQs for more details.
All proceeds from our corporate charity gift cards go towards cooking meals for people doing it tough in our community. 

Our electronic ‘cards’ are a simple way to spread festive cheer, with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly and maximising your impact by minimising postage and delivery costs.

Within a week of placing your order, you will be emailed a folder with digital versions of our gift cards, along with instructions on how to customise the files with your logo and recipient names, and suggested email text to accompany the card.

You simply prepare your vouchers and attach them to emails to send to your gift recipients.

[8 Dec 2023: please note that the window for printed gift cards has closed for this year. But you can still order electronic gift cards for another couple weeks. Thank you.]

Our printed gift cards are DL sized, designed to be added to a card or gifted in person. They are double-sided, with the reverse providing details about FareShare and the impact your gift makes this festive season.


For electronic gift cards, the file you receive will allow you to add ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields. You also have the option to add a company logo.

For printed cards, you can add a personal handwritten salutation for the recipient. 

For five million Australians, a nutritious, daily meal is shockingly no longer a given.

FareShare, a charity primarily staffed by volunteers, works tirelessly to fill this gap, rescuing, growing and cooking food into thousands of delicious, ready meals each day for people experiencing hardship.

To meet this need 365 days a year, FareShare relies on the continuing support of sponsors and donors.

Your gift card purchase means we can cook that many free, nutritious meals. 

Yes, for the person who orders the cards. Our Christmas gift cards represent donations to FareShare and all donations over $2 are tax-deductible. 

You will receive a tax receipt for the total value of your donation.

No, you’re welcome to order as many as you wish, and can even choose a range of values. Each gift card ordered comes with ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields for you to customise to each recipient. 

Yes! Please contact us on 03 9428 0044 to discuss your needs with our friendly team. 

No. For data privacy purposes, you’ll send the electronic or printed gift cards to your recipients.

For electronic gift cards, we’ll send you an electronic gift card pack with gift card images and suggested messaging for you to tailor to your organisation and customise by individual. 

For printed gift cards, we’ll send all of them to your specified mailing address for you to distribute as you wish.

Why not ask them? Some of our donors have given their team members the option of receiving a physical gift, a gift card donation on their behalf, or a combination of the two. The ultimate in gifting flexibilty!

Yes. As we provide you with blank gift cards, you are welcome to add different company logos to the electronic versions and send them on behalf of, and to whomever you like.

Printed gift cards do not include a company logo element, making them company-neutral. 

Yes, we welcome phone orders. Please call 03 9428 0044 to speak to our friendly head office team in Melbourne. 

Yes. If you would like to order gift cards and pay by invoice, please call us on 03 9428 0044 or send an email to . Please include the following information in your email:

  • The number of gift cards you would like to order and the impact value of gift card you would like to order (i.e. 3x 20 meals, 2x 40 meal and 1x 100 meal cards),
  • whether you would like your cards to be delivered electronically or printed,
  • a delivery email address (for electronic card orders) or mailing address (for printed orders), and
  • your organisation name and address. 

[8 Dec 2023: please note that the window for printed gift cards has closed for this year. You can still order electronic gift cards for another couple weeks. Thank you.]

All gift cards will be sent to one address…

Electronic gift cards will be sent to the specified email address within a week of ordering.

Printed gift cards will be sent to the mailing address provided in the order form. 

The cut-off for printed gift cards is 7 December. Please order by then to avoid the disappointment of missing out on printed corporate gift cards for your employees and/or clients this festive season. 

To avoid confusion, we will send you one templated gift card along with instructions on how to customise it. You are welcome to duplicate the quantity you have purchased. Please call 03 9428 0044 with any questions.  

Order your corporate Christmas gift cards
Orders have closed. Please check back later in 2024.

Thank you for

Our thanks to 

for their generous pro-bono support of this campaign to spread the festive cheer.

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