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Kitchen Gardens

Growing Food

To cook 1.2 million, nutritious meals a year, FareShare needs a constant supply of quality ingredients. Sourcing enough fresh vegetables to meet the growing demand for food from charities is one of our biggest challenges.

FareShare Kitchen Gardens is tackling this problem head on by growing our own vegetables on three sites in and around Melbourne to supplement rescued produce. In 2017 we produced more than 38 tonnes of fresh vegetables to add nutrition to our meals. Download our Garden Manual to see how we did it and for tips on growing veggies in Melbourne.

Using small plots of disused land, FareShare Kitchen Gardens transforms vacant sites into vibrant community assets run by volunteers under the supervision of a qualified horticulturalist. Watch how we started on Gardening Australia and see our trial sweet potato planting on Landline.

Vegetables are essential ingredients in FareShare's nutritious meals

FareShare Kitchen Garden, Abbotsford, emerges from a waste ground

How you can help

FareShare Kitchen Gardens welcome donations of funds, materials and services. Here is our  current wish list:

  • A year’s supply of fertiliser to keep plants healthy & maximise vegetable yield – $600
  • Mulch to keep weeds at bay, retain moisture & improve soil nutrition – $3,000
  • Help with our quarterly water bills – $800
  • Trolleys for carting vegetables – $900 x 2
  • A year’s supply of seeds – $600

Our kitchen gardens rely on volunteers for both hard physical work, such as moving soil, and for lighter duties such as propagation and weeding. We are currently looking for volunteers for our plot on the Baguley farm in Clayton South. Please register your interest on our volunteering page, and visit our newsroom and facebook page for regular updates.

An exciting project to transform a disused site in the heart of Melbourne into a thriving community asset is reaping rewards.

FareShare Kitchen Garden, Abbotsford is growing much-needed vegetables to provide nutritious ingredients for the 25,000 meals FareShare cooks weekly in our Abbotsford kitchen.

The vacant site at Victoria Park has become an  urban oasis with 70 beds installed to grow a range of vegetables including zucchini, carrot, parsnip, turnip, sweet potato and eggplant.