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How you can get involved

FareShare is a proud community powered by volunteers. Around 900 people give up their time regularly to help us rescue, grow and cook food.  Together we cook 1.2 million meals a year for people in crisis.  See our volunteer video


We run morning, afternoon and evening volunteer shifts in our Abbotsford kitchen, together with a Saturday morning shift. These last three to four hours and volunteers help with basic food preparation tasks such as chopping vegetables, cutting meat, cracking eggs and packing meals. No experience is required. Kitchen volunteering is extremely popular and we currently have a wait list. Please register your interest and we will keep you updated. You may also suggest your workplace book a corporate volunteering shift.

Kitchen gardens:

We run half-day shifts in our three kitchen gardens located in Abbotsford, Moorabbin and Clayton South. Gardening tasks include weeding, mulching, planting, fertilizing, harvesting, composting, propagation and pest management. There are immediate volunteer opportunities on our large plot in Clayton South where we grow 80 per cent of our vegetables.  Please register your interest and we will keep you updated. You can also book a corporate volunteering shift with your colleagues in our Abbotsford garden.

Other projects:

Other volunteer tasks include driving our refrigerated vans to collect surplus food and delivering meals to charities. Volunteers also help with administration and take on special projects. We welcome skilled volunteers such as graphic designers, fundraisers, web developers and data experts.


FareShare will be opening a new kitchen in Brisbane in the second half of 2018. To register your interest in volunteering, please click here or email brisbane@fareshare.net.au.

For more information about volunteering at FareShare please call Rosemary Kelly or Kirsty Sheppard on 03 9428 0044.

All shifts are supervised. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, unless part of a secondary school group.

Regular volunteers commit to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly shift for  at least six months.

NEW VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM: All new volunteers for kitchen, garden, driving or administration in Melbourne please register HERE. For Brisbane volunteering please click HERE.

VOLUNTEER SHIFT CHANGE FORM: Existing volunteers with regular shifts please advise of shifts you can’t attend and makeup shifts HERE.

Induction video

Before volunteering in our kitchen please view our induction video, recorded by Movida’s Frank Camorra.

 Volunteer Testimonials

In 2016 FareShare asked our volunteers for feedback about their experiences working for us as part of an anonymous Volunteer Survey. Below are just some of the thoughts and reflections, submitted by our volunteers as part of that survey.

“I love the sense of community – all working towards a common goal. I hate waste in any part of life and FareShare is such a positive way of turning waste into good to help others.”

“It has opened my eyes to the extremities of food waste in this country and introduced me to a great many inspiring people.”

“I’m constantly amazed how dedicating just a few hours of my time (together with all the other volunteers) can contribute immensely to the fight against hunger and food waste.”

“It means I am part of something bigger where I make a small but significant difference.”

“It gives me the opportunity to help make a difference for people in need, to reduce waste and as a bonus to make new friends in a friendly non-competitive environment.”

“FareShare is well organised and achieves great ‘bang for bucks’ without government subsidies.”

“I have known hardship in life, but am very fortunate where I have ended up. Hopefully I am paying it forward with my time at FareShare.”

“I have 10 years’ experience in my current job, and have only volunteered at FareShare since January and yet I feel more satisfaction in volunteering just those few hours every two weeks than I do in my real job.”

“It means that by giving up only 3-4 hours each fortnight I’m helping improve someone else’s life.”