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Schools in the Kitchen

The FareShare Schools in the Kitchen program provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about the reality of hunger in our community and begin their own response to the issue through action. Students will also learn about food waste and rescue. They may even pick up some cooking skills — all of this while making a tangible difference in the community.

FareShare’s Schools in the kitchen is a valuable learning tool for students with many issues explored. FareShare is very excited to produce an interactive eLearning platform which allows students to explore FareShare in detail before they visit as well providing post visit evaluation and feedback opportunities. We are aiming to set a benchmark for e-learning but also capture useful lessons on social justice engagement and volunteer programs.

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Schools in the Kitchen runs four mornings a week (Monday to Thursday) during the school term. Bookings are open to secondary students in Year 10 and above.


Janet Elovaris, VCAL Manager, Whittlesea Secondary College

“Our students have attended sessions at FareShare for a number of years now as part of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) Personal Development Skills course. (VCAL is the hands-on alternative to the Victorian Certificate of Education, for Year 11 and 12 students).

“On a practical level, the sessions provide excellent training in things like safe food handling and hygiene procedures, developing skills that could be of benefit to the students in their future careers.

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“The briefing session provided by FareShare staff clearly explains these requirements and also takes them through how FareShare’s food is sourced and how the end products are distributed.

FareShare provides our students with a great opportunity to operate in a commercial kitchen. They work with large amounts of food; producing many meals that, in turn, benefit so many.

“FareShare’s efforts to help Victorians in need raises the students’ awareness of the many organisations involved in supporting others in the community. As our students meet with other volunteers, they gain an insight into the ‘bigger picture’ of how volunteering benefits not only others but the volunteers as well.

“Working at FareShare also helps develop the students’ confidence and community focus in preparation for planning and identifying an individual community project – a key requirement of the course.”