Last year kitchen volunteer Marisa Angelico recruited two of her crew members as well as some of her sisters and friends to participate in their first a2 Upstream Challenge. They called themselves “The Anti-Inflamms”.

They had so much fun – and not so much inflammation – that Marisa has registered to do it all again on Saturday, 9 November. 

This time around she is recruiting more friends and also encouraging her husband and some of his work colleagues to walk the 20km trail.

So why a second time? Marisa (pictured fourth from left with the Anti Inflamms) explained, “We had a ball. We laughed and talked for four hours straight as we walked. I couldn’t believe how quickly it went. It was a fantastic day and we want to do it all again.”

If you would like to join Marisa and her friends and support FareShare by walking the beautiful Yarra Trail, please register at here and make sure you select FareShare as your chosen charity!

If you have any questions, please email us at info@fareshare.net.au.