With Melbourne in the thick of its second lockdown, FareShare has teamed up with DoorDash to raise funds for people struggling to put food on the table, including the city’s redundant hospitality workers.

To make life a little easier, delivery app DoorDash will donate the cost of a FareShare meal to someone in need for every food order made via the app or online until 20 August.

FareShare CEO, Marcus Godinho, said, “Partnering with DoorDash allows us to reach even more vulnerable people, including international students and visa workers who have lost work in the hospitality sector. Our nutritious meals help people get by and stay healthy.

“With people accessing food delivery more while they’re staying home, this is a simple way for the community to show their support.”

Hotel chef Karl Hoffrichter (below), one of FareShare’s new team members, has seen the benefit of FareShare meals on two of his hospitality associates – one an international student and the other a visa holder – who have lost work and have no access to government funding.  

“All their money goes on rent and bills,” he says. “I’m helping them get through and it makes a real difference”.

Karl says the whole hospitality industry has suffered; “It doesn’t just affect the kitchen – it’s the bartenders and wait staff as well.”

If you are ordering in tonight in Melbourne, you could be supporting FareShare and someone struggling to put food on the table simply by ordering at doordash.com or via the DoorDash app.