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Winter Appeal for 2015

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“Having full tummies makes everything else so much easier – thank you”
– Rebecca

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A message from Marcus Godhino – CEO FareShare:

FareShare is a community as much as it is a community organisation. While I won’t go so far as to say we should have our own postcode, 750 women and men regularly volunteering in our kitchen is significant – on a number of levels.

Volunteers are an essential ingredient at FareShare. So too are our suppliers and donors. We all pitch in … to rescue food, cook meals and fight hunger. Together we have already cooked nearly half a million meals this year to feed Victorians having a rough trot. At FareShare we roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

Last week, for the very first time, we cooked 25,000 nutritious meals for hungry Victorians. As a valued member of the FareShare community, I am asking you to please donate to our Appeal so that we can cook 25,000 meals every week this winter, and beyond.

A $50 tax deductible donation to FareShare’s Winter Appeal will enable us to cook 75 meals; $100 will produce 150 meals. Your donation will be extremely appreciated by people doing it tough.

One in 10 Victorian households will run out of food at least once this year, and will not be in a position to buy food according to the state Population Health Survey. One of these households could be in your street: a single parent; a couple with children; a share-house; a family with a terminally ill member; a recently arrived immigrant. It is not only the homeless who will be hungry tonight; it could be one of your neighbours.

Knowing that we are truly making life a little easier for Victorians drives us to keep cooking more nutritious meals. We are making a real difference to Victorians like Rebecca and her children…

“A big thumbs up to the cooks! We received quiches, pasta and casseroles, all ready-made and ready-to-eat. Everything was of great quality, and I certainly felt like I was feeding my family well.

“Having full tummies makes everything else so much easier. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” (Rebecca)

Families like Rebecca’s, your neighbour and a homeless person sleeping rough, will be grateful for your gift to our Winter Appeal.

So too will the members of the North Carlton Railway Neighbourhood House. Yasmin, one of their staff explains …

“We’re in the middle of million dollar properties on one side and public housing on the other. What the Wednesday Lunch does is break down so many barriers because those who have and those who don’t have are sitting down and eating together.

“Because of finances, we had to start charging people to buy ingredients for the lunch, and that was defeating the purpose. So I contacted Kellie at FareShare and she basically accepted us with open arms.

“Apart from having a wholesome, hot meal, the FareShare food means something bigger to the people who come along to lunch. I can honestly say that they feel like they have brothers and sisters who are cooking meals for them, somewhere not too far away.”

“If a neighbourhood centre like Railway House can get free, nutritious food from FareShare to serve up to the individuals and families we support, then people are more than just fed; they are brought together in friendship and communities are strengthened.”
– Yasmin

Your donation to this year’s Winter Appeal will not only feed the hungry, but also help strengthen and unite communities.

Through your support, approximately 400 charities like North Carlton Railway Neighbourhood House, will receive free nutritious meals cooked by our 750 regular volunteers, 3,000 corporate volunteers and 3,000 student volunteers.

It is only with your help that we can respond to the growing demand for free, tasty and wholesome meals for 370,000 Victorians who will be without food, or unable to access food, on at least one occasion this year.

Whatever you are able to donate, you will be making a big difference:

$50 ….. enables 75 free, nutritious meals to be cooked for hungry Victorians
$100 … rescues $1,000 worth of fresh vegies, meat and dairy produce from supermarkets
$200 … helps cook and distribute 300 free, hearty meals to Victorian charities

Thank you for being a part of the FareShare community, and for considering a tax deductible donation. Together we can cook 25,000 meals next week, and the weeks thereafter, to feed Victorians doing it tough.

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For other ways to donate or fundraise please see our Help Fundraise page.