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Food Drives

Information on running food drives for FareShare


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Meat is often the first sacrifice for families struggling to put food on the table making it a critical ingredient for the FareShare kitchen.

Pig farmer Tim Kingma with diced pork perfect for FareShare casseroles

FareShare cooks 5,000 meals every day from rescued food for people doing it tough. Sourcing sufficient quantities of quality meat is one of the kitchen’s greatest challenges.

Now, thanks to generous Victorian pig farmers, FareShare is guaranteed five pigs a week to add protein to our meals until Christmas. The weekly 250 kg pork donations will be enough to cook 2000 free, nutritious meals for vulnerable people.

“Meat casseroles are the first choice of meal for struggling families,” said FareShare head chef Chris Mitchison. “The donated pork will improve the quality of our meals and boost the protein content for people who really need it.

“Our daily menu will now include dishes like pork, fennel and apple casserole, and Chinese barbecued pork stir fry.”

Victorian pig farmer Tim Kingma, who is also the Victorian Farmers Federation Pig Group President, said farmers were pleased to support people in need with surplus pork.

“It’s a privilege that farmers like me can make a real difference to the lives of people who can’t afford nutritious food this winter,” said Mr Kingma. “Knowing that our quality product will be cooked into delicious meals to be given away free to those most in need is a great outcome.”


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We have a wonderful new ingredient which is cropping up in almost every FareShare meal – mushrooms!

The welcome boon is due to an exciting collaboration with Costa, which boasts the largest mushroom farm in the Southern Hemisphere producing a staggering 250 tonnes of mushrooms every week in Melbourne.

Jose Cambon with chef Crickette adding mushroom stems – & nutrition  – to a casserole.

Easy to prepare, versatile and very nutritious, mushrooms are loved by chefs and volunteers alike.

“Mushrooms are an amazing product we can use to boost kitchen production and nutrition in all our meals – even our sausage rolls!” says FareShare production manager Chris Mitchison. “They contain more than a dozen minerals and vitamins, are low in fat and calories, and cholesterol free.”

In keeping with retailer specifications and customer preference, mushrooms are harvested by slicing the stem from the mushroom.  Until now these stems were largely discarded as part of the production process, even though they are just as nutritious and tasty as the actual mushroom.  This presented an ideal opportunity for Fareshare and Costa to come together to reduce food waste and help disadvantaged people access nutritious food.

“We were very happy to team up with Fareshare,” says Jose Cambon, Costa Mushrooms Victorian State manager. “Not only is it an opportunity to work with a great charity, it also allows us to actually make our product available free of charge, enabling those less fortunate in the community to have access to healthy food that would otherwise go to waste.”


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FareShare is appealing for lentils to add protein to our nutritious meals for people in crisis.

We are short of protein and need five tonnes of lentils to enrich our veggie dishes and make our meat dishes go further.

Production manager Chris Mitchison said lentils are a fantastic and versatile food but not easily accessible through normal food rescue channels.

Chris Mitchison appeals for lentils

“At FareShare we aim to make every meal count knowing it may be the only meal of the day for someone in need,” said Chris.

“We need lentils to add to our vegetables to make dahls and soups. We also use lentils to stretch our curries and casseroles and to give our veggie rolls a protein boost.

“Five tonnes of dried lentils would be a fantastic help to our kitchen. It would enable us to keep producing free, nutritious meals for hundreds of charities including homeless shelters, soup vans and refuges for women fleeing domestic violence.

“Whether a school, business, community group or bunch of friends, you can run a lentil drive to help FareShare source a priority ingredient to tide us over. We also welcome lentil donations from food businesses.”

Lentils have been a valuable source of nutrition for humans for millennia. They contain numerous essential nutrients including folate, iron, thiamin and vitamin B₆, and are high in dietary fibre and protein.

If you’d like to take part in a lentil food drive for FareShare, please email FareShare logistics manager Patrick Lanyon Our food rescue vans will collect 100 kg or more of lentils from the Melbourne area.

Support our chefs with a food drive

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We always need ingredients for our nutritious meals and here’s how you can help!

Whether a school, business, community group or bunch of friends, you can run a food drive to help us source priority ingredients which are hard to acquire through rescue channels.

A Hobbit Yule party was the inspiration behind this food drive.

Our chefs love rice and pasta to accompany our casseroles, curries and tagines. These are universally popular foods which help make a great meal go a little bit further for someone in need. Dried short-form pasta such as penne is ideal.

We also need dried chickpeas and lentils to add to our nutritious ready-to-eat meals while flour is an essential ingredient for making pastry.

Cans are fantastic and building a can castle can be a fun challenge for a food drive. We make great use of tinned tomatoes and legumes.

Please note fresh meat, vegetables, eggs and bread are not suitable for food drives.

If you’d like to take part in a food drive for FareShare, please email Patrick Lanyon ( Our rescue vans will collect 100 kg of priority ingredients from the Melbourne area.