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A hot FareShare meal awaits families fleeing family violence at Emerge Women and Children’s Support Network.

“When families arrive at our crisis accommodation, they have often fled their homes with nothing,” explains manager Jessica Woller. “They are traumatised, frightened, confused and unaware of their surroundings.

“It’s great to be able to supply families with nourishing, warm meals straight away. We often heat up FareShare quiches. It’s not just a can of beans or a piece of toast – it’s a real meal.

“The freezer in the communal kitchen is full of FareShare meals. At any time women can open the freezer and heat up a FareShare meal. “

Emerge has been keeping families safe for more than 40 years and is the only specialised domestic violence service in Melbourne’s southern metropolitan area. It provides crisis accommodation, as well as outreach support to women and children still living at home. Emerge also offers art therapy to affected families.

Sharing food plays an important part in helping families feel at home. “It helps them settle in without having to worry about where the next meal will come from,” says Jessica. “It also makes them feel at ease as we spend time together in the kitchen – a familiar scene in an unfamiliar place.”

Emerge supports families into transitional housing while they await a permanent home. Without this support, most vulnerable families would have nowhere to go and would find themselves homeless. The refuge itself is being rebuilt to provide all families with their own space to aid recovery. Once finished, the new 24/7 facility will comprise 10 self-contained units, each with its own kitchen.

For many women there is a long road back to regaining their shattered confidence and sense of self-worth.

FareShare is proud our cooked, nutritious meals help ease the pain and support this recovery.

By contributing to our Winter Appeal, you will help us reach more families in their hour of greatest need.


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Our Winter Appeal is focused on creating meals for children who now make up one third of the people seeking food relief in Australia. For many kids, poverty and family breakdown are the main causes of food crisis.

Innocent, Theresa and Koko visit the FareShare kitchen

Others, like the kids helped by the Children First Foundation, face a multitude of challenges. Children like Theresa, Innocent and Koko who have come to Australia for life-changing surgery which isn’t available in their own countries.

Good nutrition is vital to building these children’s strength for surgery and rehabilitation. FareShare is proud to be providing them with nutritious meals and food.

“We serve food that the children like,” explains Pat Weldon, who manages Children First’s Miracle sMiles retreat in Kilmore. “They have to eat. We also need them to be as content and happy as can be.

“One of the biggest parts of our culture here is food. We spend a lot of time around the table – and we need an awful lot of food.

“Sometimes children arrive here very underweight and need to gain weight before they can be anaesthetised for surgery. They also have a lot of exercise and physio post-surgery which burns calories. They can’t afford to lose weight.

“FareShare’s support means we can spend money on the children’s clinical care such as medical equipment, dressings and bandages.  The food element is huge.”

Most kids supported by Children First spend around a year in Australia, often undergoing multiple procedures away from their families. Children like Theresa, who suffered horrific burns as an 8-year-old and couldn’t lift her head until burns contractures were released in Australia.

Please help FareShare provide good food to children to support their growth, social development and wellbeing. Your tax deductible donation will make a tangible difference to the lives of young people doing it tough this winter.


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As winter looms FareShare is determined to feed as many children as possible.

Since the start of this year, we have received multiple requests to supply meals for children. We always do our best to respond and recently started helping two additional schools and two new children’s charities.

Can you help directly fund the production of nutritious meals for kids in crisis?

Children in crisis accommodation walk to school where a FareShare lunch awaits.

It costs us just 75 cents to produce one meal, that’s around $3 to feed a family of four or $63 to feed that family for a week. Your tax-deductible donation will not only help us feed disadvantaged families this winter, it will enable us to go the extra mile to cater to the special needs and tastes of children.

It might be spaghetti meatballs or lasagna for primary school children in public housing.  Or lunchbox treats, such as zucchini slice and cake with fresh fruit, for young kids in crisis accommodation. Or veg-packed sausage rolls and pies for teenagers at risk.

Cynthia Johnston, who manages LiveWires, an after-school program for primary school children on the Collingwood public housing estate, says a FareShare meal may be the only hot meal of the day for a child.

“We feed kids who haven’t had anything at lunch or recess,” says Cynthia.  “The FareShare food is a huge help for us. We target kids who really need it.  We put what’s left over in takeaway containers at the end of the night to help siblings and families as well.

“With FareShare slipping in hidden veggies, we ensure the kids are getting the nutrition they need.”

Please consider a donation to help FareShare provide good food to children to support their growth, social development and wellbeing.


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As we count down to Christmas, FareShare encourages our generous supporters to consider donating to our Christmas Appeal to address the urgent problem of food poverty.

With three million Australians – including more than 730,000 children – now living below the poverty line, many cannot afford the delicious, nutritious food we take for granted during the festive season.

At this time of giving, we have seen how generosity can change lives and replace crisis with hope.

Ali: "I'm happy now"

Ali: “I’ve started a new life”

Take Ali, a refugee from Iran who arrived in Australia in 2011 in desperate circumstances. He found his way to Kingston City Church and was given food when he needed it most.

Soon he wanted to know how he could help others. Five years on, Ali is still volunteering and has become an integral member of the church’s Emergency Resources team.

Every week FareShare drops off food including fresh veggies, fruit, eggs, dairy and savoury pastries. The centre stores FareShare’s cooked meals for emergencies.

“We never turn anyone away,” says Pastor Joy Hansen who set up Emergency Resources 21 years ago. “If FareShare didn’t exist, we couldn’t do it. The FareShare quiches are probably the most popular.”

Sadly the demand keeps growing and FareShare needs your support to keep up.

Next year the church is building a new warehouse with a walk in cool room and freezer. “We will need heaps more of FareShare’s meals,” said Joy. “FareShare’s frozen meals really help. They also give a single mum or dad a break from cooking.”

About a third of the centre’s volunteers are refugees and former food recipients. For them, receiving is a door to giving.

“People here come for food parcels and end up being volunteers,” says Joy. “Some people have been unemployed, then got experience with us and gone on to get a job. Ali came to receive but he wanted to give back. He asked how he could help.”

In spite of serious health issues, Ali sets up tables, orders and collects food, unloads the van, sorts food and allocates food parcels according to the size of the family.

“I didn’t have a family when I came to Australia. Now all my family is here,” he says pointing to his co-workers. “I’m happy. I’ve started a new life.”

Like Joy and Ali, FareShare believe everyone needs a helping hand out of food poverty. Please consider a tax deductible donation this Christmas and help us spread the nourishment and joy of nutritious food to everyone in our community.


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Not everyone in our liveable city is looking forward to Christmas. For those living below the poverty line it means extra anxiety around food.

Just up the road from FareShare, the Richmond Churches Food Centre hands out food parcels to around 370 people facing serious disadvantage every week. They are men, women and children who share one thing in common: poverty.


Harry and food centre manager Tammy

Please help by donating to our Christmas Appeal to address the urgent problems of food poverty.

FareShare delivers rescued food and cooked meals to the churches’ food centre around three times a week. Last year we provided the charity with more than 86 tonnes of food including fresh fruit and vegetables, dry goods, eggs and our savoury pastries.

Over the past six years, the number of people receiving food from the centre has trebled. Tammy Glavinovic who manages the food relief program told FareShare: “We are seeing more and more people. We have got bigger and bigger.”

Some visitors, like Harry, have medical conditions and are unable to work. He lives in a boarding house for men he describes as a “last resort to living on the streets”. He visits the centre once a week and is able to sustain himself on the food provided.

“I’ve got to keep eating healthy food,” he says. “I can live on this.”

The Poverty in Australia Report 2016 revealed last month that more than 13 per cent of the Australian population now lives below the poverty line including some 731,000 children.

The Foodbank Hunger Report 2016 echoes the tragedy. It found growing numbers of people asking community food banks for help. Here in Victoria, food charities reported an average 32 per cent more food was needed to meet demand.

Crippling housing costs, cuts to benefits and some wages unable to provide an adequate living are all making food poverty worse.

Please help if you can by making a tax deductible donation to help us alleviate the scourge of food poverty on our doorstep.


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winter appeal memeAt FareShare we pride ourselves on saying yes. We never turn down free, nutritious food that we can cook with.

But that may soon be about to change. If we don’t acquire more warehouse and freezer space, we will face the heartbreaking situation of rejecting perfectly good meat, eggs, vegetables and grain – simply because we have nowhere to put them.

We have the food donors, volunteers and kitchen facilities to double production. Our Abbotsford warehouse is holding us back, creating a bottleneck and stopping us from cooking more meals.

Can you help us achieve a game-changer? We are appealing for  financial support to establish a new food hub. The new warehouse would be transformational, more than quadrupling our freezer capacity and boosting our food storage tenfold.

The Ian Potter Foundation has pledged to give us $500,000 to make this critical investment possible. The catch is, we need to match that amount to make it a reality. Your tax deductible donation can help us achieve this transformation and support another 10,000 people a year who are unable to put food on the table.


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Last month Leader News called to ask if FareShare could help out a charity which had run out of food.

Zoren Gajic & Pastor Loren Pratt from Northpoint gratefully receive emergency food supplies from Marcus Godinho.

The Northpoint Centre Food Pantry in Tullamarine was unable to fill the food parcels it hands out to 950 disadvantaged people a week.

Fortunately, FareShare managed to find enough food to tide them over the shortfall so no one missed out. This is how the Leader reported the story.

Demand at Northpoint has skyrocketed. In 2014 the community food pantry, which supports disadvantaged people in Melton, Sunshine, Coolaroo, Coburg and Sunbury, distributed 14,500 food parcels. Last year the number had climbed to 20,750 and this year it could be as high as 25,000.

Other charities are telling us the same thing. More and more people are struggling to afford nutritious food.

FareShare has the volunteers, rescued food and kitchen facilities to cook TWO MILLION meals a year but our warehouse is holding us back.

The Ian Potter Foundation has pledged to give us $500,000 to purchase a new warehouse. However, we need to match the funds to make this critical investment happen. We are $85,000 short of the total required to lock in the grant and are appealing to all our friends to consider a tax deductible donation. 

With the extra space we desperately need to store, freeze, chill and sort food, FareShare could support another 10,000 people who are struggling to put food on the table.


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Sharing a good meal is one of the great pleasures of life.

Father Bob Maguire calls it meet, greet and eat. Psychologists recognise it as a vital social function.Anna cropped

Yet for many, meals are lonely affairs and none more so than at Christmas.

That’s why FareShare needs donations to our Christmas appeal to help us connect more people over a meal at this important time.

FareShare helps the Father Bob Maguire Foundation feed 600 people a week. People in need of company as well as a square meal.

People like Anna, who had an excellent job until she suffered a stroke. She is now grateful to receive help with meals. “It has got an incredible impact on your mental health because you don’t have to worry you have nothing to eat,” said Anna. Continue reading